Social Selling – How to Leverage Social Media to Close More Business

Are you a social seller? Social selling is the art and science of using social media to find, understand, connect with and nurture sales prospects. As tech-savvy millennials are taking over the workforce, it is the contemporary way to develop and build valuable relationships with potential customers so you are the first person a prospect thinks of when they are ready to buy.

If you have not embraced social selling, your sales are not what they could be and you’re leaving money on the table.

Content Marketing: What Should You Write About?

The first, if not the most difficult, step in content marketing is figuring out what you’re going to write about. If you’ve ever tried to write anything, I’m sure you’ve had episodes of writers block – staring at the blank page for what seems like an eternity hoping for creative inspiration.

Successful content marketers don’t have this problem because they are always on the lookout for new and innovative content ideas. Put these tips into action and you won’t have this problem either.

9 Marketing Ideas You Need to Embrace Now

The rapidly changing face and needs of your customers, combined with the rise of online and mobile technologies in the workplace, has rendered your old sales tactics inadequate to maintain relevance and growth. But what can you do to adapt?

Online marketing represents a tremendous opportunity for growth for your company, as more business is conducted online now more than ever before.

These nine marketing ideas will help you succeed.

78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers.

Watch Bob DeStefano explain how to profit from social media marketing.

Stop Marketing Like it’s 1999!

1999. We look back on that time longingly. In many ways the world and our lives were much simpler. Terrorism was something that only happened in countries thousands of miles from us. We had a soaring stock market thanks to the ‘dot com’ boom. Real estate values were starting their astronomic rise. The unemployment rate was only 4.2 percent.

And, marketing was much simpler.

Stop Marketing Like it's 1999!

As a distributor or manufacturer in 1999, you could rely on a handful of simple marketing tactics to grow your business. At the heart and soul of your marketing efforts were face-to-face sales. Pounding the pavement and calling on customers was the tactic most relied on by industrial companies.

“Radio Interview: Online Marketing on a Limited Budget”

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KKZZ_logoIn this radio interview on the “BRAINSTORMIN with Billy the Brain” show on KKZZ AM 1400, I provide tips and ideas for marketing smart in a down economy. Give it a listen.

Marketing is an Investment – Not an Expense

If you think of marketing merely as an expense, chances are you’re doing it wrong. You need to think of marketing an investment that should produce a measurable return in the form of qualified leads and bankable sales. Just as you would carefully review the return on investment for stocks, bonds and mutual funds in your retirement portfolio, you need to carefully evaluate the return on investment in your company’s marketing portfolio.

Marketing is an Investment - Not an Expense

So, what type of return on investment should your marketing produce? Well, your marketing should produce a measurable return in four ways.

80% of business decision makers prefer to get information from articles not ads.

Watch Bob DeStefano explain how to profit from content marketing.