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So who are you?

If you’re like most people who see me speak and read my articles, you are a small to mid-sized manufacturer or distributor looking to profit from results-focused online marketing.  For generations, you relied heavily on face-to-face selling as the primary driver for new business growth.  While the role of your salespeople is still critical, your old tactics are no longer enough to compete in this rapidly evolving marketplace.  The changing face—and needs—of your customers, combined with the rise of online and mobile technologies in the workplace, have rendered your old tactics inadequate.   You know it’s time to stop marketing like it’s 1999 and you’re looking for ideas, tips and strategies to thrive in the connected world.

Perhaps you are an association executive or meeting planner looking for an online marketing speaker that will offer your attendees strong take-home value to help them increase revenues, boost profits and gain a competitive edge.  You’re seeking a high-energy speaker that will make online marketing understandable and empower your attendees with ideas, tips and strategies they can put to work as soon as they get back to the office.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The purpose for my blog is to lead industrial marketing into the 21st Century.  While you’re here, read my blog posts.  Watch a video.  Check out my new books and on-demand Webinars.  Sign up for my newsletter to get articles and updates. Learn more about my speaking services for your company or conference.  Check out my speaking topics or suggest your own.  Have you already seen or heard me speak or give a Webinar? Please leave a review or drop me a line.

If you have a suggestion for how I can make this site better for you, please let me know.  No website is ever done, it’s just done for today.  Together we can make it better.

I am convinced Bob can help anyone position themselves for e-commerce success regardless of product, service or business.Brad Mountz
President, Mountz Inc.

If you’d like to know about my consulting services, have me do an Online Marketing Analysis or have me speak for your conference or company, call or fill out my short contact form, today – (877) 786-3249 x3, international phone 001 732 868 8600 x3

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