Client’s Rave

Meeting and conference planners say I am extremely easy to work with and tailor my presentations to the needs of the audience to ensure their events are a great success. Attendees say I provide actionable marketing ideas in an engaging way.

“Bob DeStefano really knows Online Marketing! He lays it out in a simple, step-by-step process that can be implemented by any company, big or small. Bob’s session alone was well worth the price of tuition to the University of Industrial Distribution! Our company will use his plan to take our online presence to the next level, quickly.”

Lauren Roberts
Vice President, Marketing
cfm Distributors, Inc.


“The comments of the attendees say it best: ‘Excellent speaker, very informative, very useful information,’ ‘Excellent, especially for the non-tech people’ and ‘Great info – well presented and easy to understand.’ Wow! Those are some great comments and those are just a few! I always want the audience to have a good ‘take away’ of practical information from this workshop. Bob hit a home run!”

Don Farley
Director of Marketing
Forging Industry Association


“Bob provides so much value to distributors looking to enhance or upgrade an online marketing presence. Every business needs a carefully integrated content marketing strategy, where our messaging and online relationship building are carefully planned to create value and not spam. We all have to get more sophisticated about how we engage with our customers and prospects. Bob knows his stuff. He is not only deeply enthusiastic and passionate about how to do that, but his tactics are spot on – he knows how to produce results.”

Tom Gale
President & Publisher
Modern Distribution Management


“I have had the privilege of attending Bob’s presentation on social media marketing and the chance to talk with him, in detail on the subject, one on one. Bob’s ability to tailor his knowledge to our specific industry was invaluable. He is able to take this cutting-edge information and distill it down to make it understandable and useable so that even the “non-tech” professional can implement his great ideas.”

Marty Jalove
Vice President of Marketing
HPC, Inc.


“It has been my pleasure to work with Bob on several speaking engagements at MarketingProfs. Bob consistently provides organized, educational content that clearly conveys his expertise and knowledge. He customizes content for each audience to meet the educational objectives, never missing a project deadline. Working with Bob ensures a smooth and successful event.”

Julie Pildner
Senior Program Manager


“Bob’s sessions were the perfect bookends to our two meetings — having him do an overview session at our Spring meeting, then following up at the Fall Convention with a detailed “how to” session, was well received by our members. His sessions were very well-targeted to our industry, were fast-paced and offered lots of information that was right on target with what our members are trying to accomplish. As a member said in their critique — “This guy was fantastic!”

Patricia Collins
Executive Vice President


“Bob DeStefano spoke at the NAW Large Company CEO/COO Roundtable and delivered a first-rate presentation on social media marketing. Not only are his presentation skills engaging, but his ability to clearly explain the business-building impact of social media helped our group of top executives learn how to effectively market their companies through Social Media. I highly recommend Bob to any group that wants to learn how to put online marketing to work.”

John Peter
Senior Vice President
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW)


“I met Bob at an industry conference where he was the featured speaker on the subject of online marketing. I was impressed with his ideas and highly recommend Bob to anyone serious about having a real presence on the web. His portfolio of clients is diverse owing to his expertise. I am convinced Bob can help anyone position themselves for e-commerce success regardless of product, service or business.”

Brad Mountz


“Bob did a great job at TCATA’s Annual Conference. He awakened our mostly small business owner members to the importance of online marketing and provided them a path to follow to remain competitive in an online world. He explained things in a non-technical and refreshing way that our members could understand and begin implementing.”

David Cotter


“Bob has brought an incredible insight and understanding to the entire industrial supply industry in the emerging marketing trend of online marketing.  Those who have followed his guidance and recommendations have prospered greatly in an era of declining business profitability.”

John Buckley
Executive Vice President
Industrial Supply Association


“I was impressed with the clarity and logic of Bob’s presentation. Bob offered a logical approach to online marketing with plenty of actionable advice on how to produce results.”

Dean Gordon
Deetag Ltd.


“Our conference attendees, a group of tech-savvy CEOs, rated Bob’s presentation the best of the entire meeting. Bob explains online marketing in understandable yet very thorough terms. His presentation is essentially a checklist of what to do and how to do it in order to be successful in the 21st Century.”

Dave Asselin
Executive Director
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)


“Bob’s information was clearly presented, flowed nicely and was easy to understand. I can’t wait to get back to the office to get started.”

Mike Kelly
Mitchell Abrasives


“Bob did a workshop for STAFDA at our Phoenix Convention in 2010 and in 2011, we added him as an endorsed consultant for his expertise in online marketing. He did another convention program for us in 2012 as well as a webinar. Online marketing is a very current subject and Bob communicates well with our members. He’s a great asset to STAFDA.”

Georgia Foley
Executive Director

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