Online Marketing Analysis

My Online Marketing Analysis is a personalized consulting service that will provide you with specific recommendations on how your Website, search engine ranking, social media presence and email marketing activities can be improved to produce bottom-line results for your company.

You will receive a custom 40-page analysis detailing specific recommendations, as well a 90-minute consulting session to review these recommendations in detail.

How the Service Works

Online Marketing Analysis Case Study

Click to Read the Online Marketing Analysis Case Study

  1. We will contact you to learn about your company, products, services and customers.
  2. Then, we will review your Website and other online marketing initiatives.
  3. Next, we will prepare a custom 40-page report detailing recommendations on how to boost your online marketing results.
  4. Finally, my team and I will conduct a 90-minute Web meeting with you to present our analysis and answer your specific questions.

Investment for this Analysis

Your investment in our Online Marketing Analysis is $499 — with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can invite as many people from your organization on as you’d like to participate in the meeting.

Let’s Get Started!

To start your Online Marketing Analysis, please complete the following form or call us at (877) 786-3249 x3.

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