“The Online Marketing Doctor is In”

Often a short conversation with an objective, highly experienced expert can help launch, accelerate or correct a marketing program or campaign. That is the basis of “The Online Marketing Doctor Is In” telephone consultation service. All consultations are provided by me personally and will provide you with answers, valuable perspectives and useful tips to put you on the path to online marketing success.

This service is used by business owners, marketing managers and sales managers who are looking for expert advice for dealing with focused issues.

How to Get Started

It’s very easy to get started:

  1. Consider and write your questions for me.
  2. Sign up for a consultation and choose from available times.
  3. Assemble as many people as you want from your team to be on the call.
  4. I will call you at the number provided at the scheduled time.
  5. Useful action items such as documents or other information will be provided in writing at the end of the call.
  6. You will be invoiced at the end of the call.

Consultation Investment

Consultations are billed at $399 per hour with a one hour minimum, in 15 minute increments. Each consultation call is billed separately. Day rates are available.

Let’s Get Started!

To schedule your consultation with me, please complete the following form or call (877) 786-3249 x3.

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